10 Point Republican Plan

I had a chance to see the Republican Presidential debate tonight. It seems that my fellow Americans are interested in pretty silly issues. Apparently, immigration is the most important issue we face today. Here is a quick characterization of what America would look like if this group of Republicans really got their way.

10 Point Republican Plan for America:

  1. More people should have guns
  2. Accept that every word of the Bible is true (except that “turn the other cheeck” bit)
  3. Gays and lesbians in the military should keep their mouths shut
  4. We will build a wall around America so that no one can in or out
  5. Since the mission in Iraq is “accomplished”, we should stay there forever
  6. The Department of Education should be dissolved and handed over to private corporations
  7. Abortion is wrong but murder (death penalty) is okay
  8. We should torture people (what are the Geneva Conventions?)
  9. White men should lead the country
  10. Replace Social Security with 401k’s

Interesting that they all cleverly ducked answering whether or not Jesus would execute people.

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