A New Science of Life: Conscious.TV

Conscious.tv is a UK based TV channel broadcasting on the Internet at www.conscious.tv. They also have programmes broadcast on satellite and cable channels in different countries. In the UK you can watch their programmes every night from 9pm to 10pm on the ‘Body In Balance’ channel which is No 275 on the Sky system. Conscious.tv aims to stimulate debate, question, enquire, inform, enlighten, encourage and inspire people in the areas of Consciousness, Science, Non-Duality and Spirituality.

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  • I am very greatfull to Professor Sheldrake for sharing his knowledge by Internet. He is brilliant and his conclusions about cousciousness seem to be very oportune to our lifetime. I would dare however to imagine how rich could be his teachings if he would try to amalgamate his opinions with those left by the deceased Professor S├ęphane Lupasco. Would it be too quickly to imagine that the mind is nothing but the “ocean” of higgs bosons???

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