Accessing the Mystic: The Via Negativa

[post_intro]What happens when a Cambridge-trained scientist and a revolutionary priest join forces to probe the mystery of spiritual experience? The answer lies in Accessing the Mystic, an unprecedented video featuring Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and Matthew Fox. Each drawing from his own tradition, these radical thinkers reveal how they traveled their respective paths — and ultimately both learned how to open their minds to the miraculous. Now, for the first time, they come together to offer a practical map to the mystical realm that anyone can follow. Mystical experiences are quite common, teach Fox and Sheldrake.[/post_intro]

We all know life-changing moments of insight, and the revelation of awe when we open ourselves to the sacredness of the natural world. On Accessing the Mystic, viewers learn how to embrace these mystical perceptions so that they, too, can see through the ordinary to a world of compassion, meaningful work, and universal interconnectedness. At a time in world history when seekers — perhaps more than ever before — are thirsting for credible guidance, two towering intellects light the way. Accessing the Mystic takes viewers on a brilliant and heartfelt journey of the spirit that leads unerringly to the miracles hidden in our everyday experience.

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