Change Is Loss

Even after reading all of the greatest hits in the change management literature, I somehow missed the punchline: people experience change as loss. There is already a model for understanding this, the Kübler-Ross model, and several papers have already been written on this topic. A

Vision of a Fundamentally Different Future

The following is an except from the book, From Healthcare at a Turning Point: A Roadmap for Change by Rita E. Numerof. It’s the year 2024. It’s hard to believe that just a decade ago there was intense debate about healthcare in the United States.

Don’t Be Bashful

The larger the company the less agile they are. This is a basic truism of business. In fact, companies often spend millions of dollars trying to improve processes, streamline workflows, and reduce unnecessary staff – all with the aim of becoming more agile, more competitive.

Unspoken Business Rules

I was going to write about some recent consulting experiences, but remembered that I’ve already written about this. I think these rules may be timeless. Like viruses that have been on the earth since the beginning of time, these rules (and many others) have infected

Consultants: A Necessary Evil?

I’ve read several books on how to negotiate in business. They all pretty much say the thing. Of course, the grand-daddy of all of these is “What Color is Your Parachute?” I read this way back when I was negotiating for my first job. Usually

Rule 4: Never Question Anything

A friend of mine recently recounted a story at her work that sums up Unspoken Business Rule #4 very well: never question anything. She works at a large format printing company. They do things like bus banners and big signs for trade shows. Stuff like

Rule 1: Use It Or Lose It

In the middle of just about every conference room where budget decisions are made sits a big, fat elephant. People sometimes glance at it or whisper to their peers about it but it gets little airtime. The elephant is named, “Use It Or Lose It.” This is an unspoken business law that drives more business decisions than the grandest of strategies. What is it that everyone knows but no one talks about? If you don’t spend all of your budget this year, it will be cut next year.

Rule 3: Advantage Business

One of the reasons that the corporation is generally opposed to collective bargaining is because it empowers workers and balances the power equation. Unspoken Business Rule #3 maintains that the business must maintain power over its workers. Employee Salary – A great illustration is the

Rule 2: Mediocrity Is Rewarded

It’s been eight years since I began my life as a professional in the American workplace. Most of my time (95%) has been spent as a management consultant. Management consulting just means providing advice to those in charge of running a business. So, that’s what

Week One

Week one – it’s almost over. After hearing the client call me the overall project manager for their enterprise-wide data warehousing project … I threw up all over her. Well, not really, but I felt like it. Even after the weekend chewing all the nutmeg