I Died On the Operating Table Last Night

I was being wheeled into the operating room. The hospital staff were running along side the gurney. I had sustained a massive injury to my head and I was unconscious, probably in a coma. Somehow I was still hyperaware of everything that was going on

The Valley of the Shadow of Death

We were at my Nana’s house watching TV when I had this strange feeling that the air was being sucked out of the room. I yelled for everyone to get down on the floor and I covered them with blankets. Then, all of the windows

You’re Already Dead

I’m not sure how the dream started but I found myself in the middle of a worldwide panic. I think I was watching the news. There was some sort of catastrophe approaching. In my dream it seemed to take the form of an earthquake. I

Underlying Reality Beneath It All

As I have gotten older and had a chance to catalog my dreams, I’ve noticed that each dream, though bizarre and individual in narrative, are beginning to self-assemble. It’s as if I am given only brief, random glimpses into another life – a life that

Humanity’s Last Hope …

Last night I had the strangest dream. NASA was involved in trying to change the trajectory of a comet. Most of our comets originate out in the Kuiper Belt, far, far away. However there is some speculation that these comets somehow keep the Solar System’s

The Desert Disappears Beneath the Water

In my dream last night we were both in a very old civilization. I think is was Mayan because of the architecture. It began in a museum though – we were looking at old artifacts. I showed you the snakes that they worships and you

The of Meaning Dreams

Throughout history, human beings have sought to understand the meaning of dreams. The ancient Egyptians believed dreams possessed oracular power in the Bible, for example, Joseph`s elucidation of Pharaoh`s dream averted seven years of famine. Other cultures have interpreted dreams as inspirational, curative or alternative