Christmas Love

I want to love a girl and I’m very confused, should I believe her and risk being refused? She says she loves me but she’s so far away. Will she love me on our 50th Anniversary Day? Life is so short and love so dear, we try to catch love when love comes near. She’s soft and curvy and ambitious, too. The issues of the day we debate and review. Like legos she says we just click together, but I was just talking about fair weather. What if my heart gets stomped once again? Maybe I’ll retreat and go practice Zen. But what if she really does love me for me? What if she sees us retired on the beach at 63? Maybe I could open up a little, maybe I should. Maybe to love is the world’s greatest good. I think that I could, maybe I might, tell her that I love her this Christmas night. Maybe she’ll be happy maybe she’ll be sad. But at least I’ll know I’ve it given all I had.

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