Does Personality Testing Work?

Over the course of the past century, psychology has been consumed with the search for magical tests that will reliably predict someone’s personality. Hermann Rorschach proposed that great meaning lay in the way that people described inkblots. The creators of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory believed in the revelatory power of true-false items such as “I have never had any black, tarry-looking bowel movements” or “If the money were right, I would like to work for a circus or a carnival.” (more…)

2 comments On Does Personality Testing Work?

  • So then why did you shove your Jung based Myers-Briggs test down my throat all those years? 🙂

    Or is this something you still closely adhere to?

    What was I again?

  • Young grasshopper, you make the mistake of assuming I only post news that I agree with. I believe that anti-depressants work and I also believe there is something to personality types – I do try to keep an open mind though and read opinions and research all the time that contradict my own views.

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