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I’ve just migrated from Drupal to WordPress and have made my previous theme available. It’s a xtemplate theme which isn’t as popular as phptemplate, but it works. The theme is a hybrid of the negen9 theme and Dan Cederholm’s previous version of SimpleBits. It only works for Drupal 4.6. It’s available freely, no credits are necessary. If someone would like to update it for 4.7, please feel free. I can provide limited support. If you have a question, please post it here.


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  • Why did you migrate to wordpress ? I’m having doubts on drupal for my own reasons.

  • Joris, I still use Drupal on a few other sites and it’s excellent for community based sites. However, nautis.com is really just a blog and the other features of Drupal tended to complicate that. I was also uninspired by the lack of good themes for Drupal. For what ever reason, good theme developers are intimidated by Drupal. I think the best work was Negen’s themes for Drupal 4.5.

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