Good Morning, USSR!

I love taking the daily poll to see how I feel about important issues compared to the rest of the world. Usually I’m among the majority but since CNN is considered a part of the intellectual crazies liberal media, I guess I fall in line. However, I’m sometimes surprised. Today I was dumbstruck. CNN asked it’s readers, “Do you think people with contagious diseases should be locked up if they refuse to take precautions to avoid infecting others?” The results …


I’m in the bottom 9% of readers on what is a fundamental Constitutional issue. I’m still a bit in disbelief. Did I wake up this morning in the Soviet Union? Is Josef Stalin our President? WTF? You can find the poll here.

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  • I think the key words here are “refuse to take precautions to avoid infecting others”. It is at this point that you become a public menace. There is a judicial precedent here that says if you intentionally put people in harms way by exposing them to a disease you are legally culpable. I recall a person being jailed for intentionally spreading the AIDS virus several years back.

  • I guess pretty soon we’ll be locking up American citizens and denying them their Constitutional rights. Oh, wait, we’re already doing that. Check out:

  • Article III, Section 2
  • The 5th Amdenment
  • The 6th Amendment
  • The 14th Amendment
  • I’m not attempting to be condescending. The truth is that most Americans don’t have a clue what’s in their Constitution and couldn’t list the Bill of Rights if they had to. It’s sad, really.

  • Wait! Here is the problem Anthony. I see your point. Sort of. Since you decided to bring up the ‘judicial precedent’ can you continue on and let me know an effective way to ‘lock them up’? Do we have a prison for just those people or do they affect the rest of the population in prison as well? How do we adequately enforce it? See, this is the problem with your arguement. Your example talks of AIDS and someone intentionally spreading the virus. That accounts for a small percentage of infectious diseases and the method for infecting involves direct contact. It’s an idea that can’t be effectively executed. I love how people have an arguement that scratches the surface but it never makes it beneath the skin. Refusing to take precautions to avoid infecting others and intentionally putting people in harms way by exposing them is not the exact same thing here. Why? Intent! Don’t go into the light Carol Anne….

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