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The Joseph Campbell Foundation is offering a bundle of free downloads from The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell.

Foreword to Myth, Religion, and Mother Right
An essay in PDF format from the collection The Mythic Dimension, Joseph Campbell’s foreword to Johann Jacob Bachofen’s Myth, Religion, and Mother Right examines the work of the nineteenth-century anthropologist—an early breakthrough in the study of matriarchal societies that would inform the writing of later scholars, such as Marija Gimbutas and Campbell himself.

James Joyce and Proper Art
In this extended video clip, Campbell discusses the aesthetic theories laid out in Joyce’s novels. What is art? Does it inspire desire, or fear, or does it transcend these? A fascinating peek inside one of the most creative minds of the modern era.

Identity with the Divine
In this audio clip from A Sukhavati Companion, Joseph Campbell explores mythologies that express the individual’s identity with the divine, in distinction to those such as the biblical tradition that seek to offer a bridge, a relationship to the eternal. He traces the origins of our contemporary crisis in the West to a failure of the primary aspect of mythology, that of reconciling us as individuals with our biology, our societies and the universe around us.

You may download these files from this page.

Should you be moved to make a contribution to further JCF’s work or download other materials, we will of course be most grateful.

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