He’ll Still Be Wondering Why

Anyone who knows me knows of my endless fascination with all things hyperdimensional. The idea of a space at right angles to our visible dimensions is one of the most fascinating ideas ever considered. In M Theory it is the place where gravity comes from. If such a dimension does exist, is it a limitation of cognition or one of physics that keeps its secrets unrevealed? Why should something so amazing be wrapped up in a mathematical model that only a few people in the world understand? We know so little about the universe. We know so little about ourselves. It boggles my mind to think about where we may be a million years from now. How radically different we will be physically, mentally. Will we then be able to peer into those unseen realities? Will we have come to a complete understanding of the universe or will a descendant of mine be looking into a different night sky, with different constellations, thousands of light years away wondering how much we will know a millions years from then.

As an aspiring scientist it is taboo to say that complete understanding is impossible – but I’m not sure that given a billion years we will be any closer to understanding how the universe began than we are now. Even catching a glimpse of a Hecatonicosihedrigon or a Hexacosihedrigon in some cognitively twisted hyperdimension will only complicate the puzzle further, pull the Gordian knot a little tighter. Yeah, I’m pretty sure my distant relative will look to the stars and even if he knows how it all began, he’ll still be wondering why.

Here is a round up of the latest in my reading on hyperdimensions:

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  • I spent time with a man that had men from his masonic org. sort of keep eyes on me….I guess he had fear from his past relationships.

    He started to accuse me of calling his office and home and cell phones and he had no reason; Quite honestly I purposely did not call often.

    It got so intense (his accusations) that we quit seeing one another. 3 months later accuses me in a civil court…the judge just heard his complaint and made his accusation as non valid. 3 months later he tries to civil court me, again. he was tryin for a restraining order, yet we never see one another nor am i th eone calling his phones. He was never mean or inappropiate, until he started falsely accusing me. This was 2 years ago, and he still thinks I am the one that calls his friends, place of employment and family

    What would cause this, he did have alot of women that appeared to chase him. It was the hardest thing to do, I mean quit seeing him…but I will never understand why he thought i was stalking him…..I am a single parent and barely had time to see him.

    Miss him….but love me more

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