How We Read The Minds of Others

Rebecca Saxe, a neuroscientist at MIT, studies how our brains consider and interact with other people’s minds. Using MRI, she discovered that we have a part of the brain specifically dedicated to minding the minds of others, and at a recent TED conference discussed some fascinating findings she discovered in her study:

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  • Dr. Carl Jung worked with the Nobel laureate physicist,
    Professor W. Pauli, for many years, and their final
    conclusions relate to the notion of “acausal reality” –
    simply meaning that a balance exists in nature where
    unrelated events can come together in ways that defy
    our common sense notions of cause and effect…. One
    such example was verified by researchers at
    Princeton University…. The details here:

    “man has need of the word, but in essence number
    is sacred.” Jung….

    New York

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