I Woke Up On the Ocean

For three strange days I had no obligations. My mind was a blur, I did not know what to do. I think I lost myself when I lost my motivation. Now I’m walking ’round the city just waiting to come to. For three strange days I couldn’t put a smile on my face so they dressed me up in all of their clothes and took me somewhere else. Johnny Clueless was there with his simulated wood grain. So, I pulled up a chair and started drinking by myself. For three strange… I’ve got to make it through. No matter what it takes. Oh I’ve got to make it through these strange days.

I lay down for a while and I woke up on the ocean floating on my back and staring at the gray. It was completely still except the pounding of my heart bringing me back to life from three strange days.

© School of Fish

3 comments On I Woke Up On the Ocean

  • This is one of those songs that defined a chapter of my life. I’m not sure why Johnny Clueless had simulated wood grain on him, but even if I wasn’t Johnny, I was clueless. Maybe simulated woodgrain is really code for pasta fagioli microwaved with a thick layer of parmigiana cheese. I can still smell the delicious aroma in the air. It could have been bottled and used for riot control.

  • hahahahah…an obvious reference to our days at Sterling Highlands while working at Olive Garden. Ohhhh, did I love my Pasta Fagioli with a helping or three of cheese. The song fits into the same time frame of my life and it seems for the same reason. Ignorance is truly bliss…

  • mmmmmm…Pasta Fagioli

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