Liquid Light

We all learned what “bullet-time” is from The Matrix: bullets that look like they are moving slowly through water – as if the air the bullet was moving through was some kind of liquid. What if air really is some kind of new liquid? What if the entire universe is made up this “liquid?” It would certainly give physics a few new rules to follow. Could an idea like this help unite the quantum and macro worlds? Could an idea like this explain what has been a problem for theoretical physicists since Einstein did away with Newton’s aether? If air is the medium which sound travel through, what is the medium for light?

There is an interesting article in this month’s Scientific American about how space may be less empty than previously thought. In addition to explaining a potential medium for light to travel, it may also help explain what is keeping the universe from expanding infinitely. The current trend is to fix the problem with something called “dark matter” – of which is there is little or no evidence. What if the fabric of time and space really is a fabric – or in this case, a type of bizzare, invisible liquid?

What if a heavy object displaces space the same way that a big ship displaces water. In this scenario, space-time would still curve but the still elusive reasons for the curvature could be explained. I could keep writing about what I think but any further speculation on my part would just be amateur nonsense. However, the possibilities are fascinating. Take a look at the article and see what you think?

On second thought, the universe could just be resting on the back of a giant turtle. But what’s the giant turtle standing on? It turtles all the way down. 🙂

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