Man With an Extended Mind

Documentary film maker, Jes Benstock, met up with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake a few months ago. Benstock was making a short documentary about Dr. Sheldrake and his work on the extended mind. They take part in a series of Sheldrake’s experiments to see if anything really happens. Can we tell if we’re being stared at from behind? Do dogs know if their owners are coming home? Can we detect a “phantom limb” poking through a closed door?


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  • Matt – I just wanted to say thanks for posting this – as well as other things related to new discoveries of the individual. I don’t recall where I got your web address – – but I’m a netvibes user and have your feed under a particular tab. I too am an indebted fan to Campbell and have found priceless perspectives from Bergson, Jung, Sheldrake and others – all flirting with an imaginative environment that’ll help nurture future generations to construct new mythologies.
    Thanks again for the post.
    Do you know of the LongNow Foundation? Something you may like. The seminars are particularly interesting.

  • Hey Monte – Thanks. I don’t know about LongNow. I’ll do a search for them. I did check out your web site. Really amazing work. I can see how the mythic has influenced your art. I really like Julie painting. Amazing.

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