MOTD: Mr. Joel Estes

I usually see 1 or 2 people every week that do something pretty unbelievable. To celebrate these people and their stupid decisions, I would like to begin a new category called, Moron of the Day (MOTD). I doubt I will have time to post everyday because though there are quite a bit of morons, their stupidity usually doesn’t rise to level of requiring action and setting the universe right again. Today is one of those days.

Today’s moron is Mr. Joel Estes, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction in Galesburg, Illinois at Community Unit School District #205. If you haven’t heard already, the Galesburg High School is withholding diplomas from 4 students because at graduation the students’ parents made noise when their kid went up to receive their diploma. Hmmm… It’s been covered on CNN, in the New York Times, and of course by their local news. The CNN video is available here.

If you would like to email Mr. Estes, feel free. Here is email address is: So, here’s to you Mr. Joel Estes, the Moron of the Day…

6/8/07 Update: Guess what? They decided to give the kids their diplomas after all. Hmmm… Here’s the story.

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