Musicmatch Still Blows

Musicmatch has been out for a few years and it’s always been a memory hogging, slow loading, mp3 player that isn’t sure what it is. With the release of the new Musicmatch version 10, I decided I would give it another try. You would think after 10 releases they would have gotten right. Nope. The market these guys are in is dominated by iTunes and the iPod. That means thousands of music lovers with hard drives packed full of AAC (m4a and m4p) files. Not only does Musicmatch have no support for AAC but neither do most of the other competitors out there. Who plans the strategy for these guys? Elmer Fudd? You can’t even rip CDs in lossless format from Musicmatch – a feature which Apple has had in iTunes since their first Windows release.

Well, it looks like I will continue using iTunes for at least a little while longer. I’m not a huge fan of iTunes but like Democracy, it’s the best we’ve got.

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  • I use Winamp with an iPod plugin.
    It is free, but you can upgrade to a pro version for $30. I also use a program called jHymn to strip off the Apple encryption from iTunes music so that you can transfer it to other machines and burn it to a CD if you want. I too used MusicMatch for a long time. The best thing about that program is the auto-tagging features for tagging music.

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