Jungian Therapy with Children and Adolescents

Materia Prima (http://www.materia-prima.net) is the website of the International Workshop of Analytical Psychology for Childhood and Adolescence, which was created by Jungian analysts from Europe and North and South America. Supported and financed by the IAAP, this website offers theoretical and clinical articles about Jungian therapeutic issues with children and adolescents, book reviews, announcements about events and links. Subscribers (Jungian analysts working with children and adolescents, as well as IAAP members and candidates) can access a newsletter and space to share papers, information and ideas about the Workshop. You can visit the website at http://www.materia-prima.net (http://www.materia-prima.net/).

Original post by C.G. Jung Page

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  • May You please inform me, when and where is the next workshop in the end of may 2007.
    I am an jungian child analist in Munich/Germany.
    Thank you very much

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