Disciplined As a Symphony

There is an excellent new article over at Knowledge@Wharton, Teamwork in a Shock Trauma Unit: New Lessons in Leadership. This is an lesson in what can happen when even one member of the team is out of sync.

I was at a symphony a few weeks ago and marveled at the precision and team work that goes into a symphony. I think that we’ll be seeing more and more articles like this observing leadership and team work dynamics outside of traditional business. For all of the books, journals, experts, and consultants that are out there business leadership and team work seem to be pretty poor compared to something as complex and disciplined as a symphony. It’s as if each individual playing becomes one mind while they are playing. It’s such a delicate balance that if even one individual is off by so much as a note or octave the whole theatre will notice it and for a moment be distracted from the beauty of it all. It reminds me of James Hillman’s book, We’ve Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy—And the World’s Getting Worse.

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