Christian Children’s Fund

For Christmas, I sponsored a child for my Nana. It’s not much money to sponsor a kid and the money is leveraged in ways that would be impossible here in the U.S. Here’s a summary that CCF send me. Jannapa Somnukton’s parents plant rice on their land for a living. They have to face the problems of drought, flood and infertile soils and can never get a good harvest. When free from farming, they work as hired hands and receive low daily wages. Their earnings are very small and below the poverty line.

The family’s annual per head income is below their region’s average of US$ 280. They have four children to support. Jannapa is the third one and has two elder sisters and one younger brother. The six live together in a one-story house roughly built of wood and located in a remote village.

Their religion is Buddhism. Jannapa is now attending a primary school. The girl enjoys schooling and does well at school. Of all subjects, she likes Thai language most. Her favorite sport is running a race. She prefers drawing to other arts. Her health is average. Jannapa is admitted into the project since her family’s poverty deprives her of all basic needs and she is provided with food, clothing, medical care and educational support.

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