Cupid Just Launched a Guided Missle

Barbara, I’d like to propose a toast to the topic I dig the most. Catch, let me dust off my loving cup. Hey Bartender! Fill ‘er up! Look how the neon starts to flicker. Love’s like a shot but works much quicker. And you’re a man who can hold his liquor. Cheers here’s to love!

I’m an old fashion and you’re the cherry. I’ve got a thirst that’s legendary. That’s why I fired your secretary. Cheers here’s to love! Life’s a martini. And you’re the shaker. And baby I sure packed a punch. Hey! You make Dean Martin look like a Quaker. But now it’s only you for dinner. Breakfast. And lunch!

I hear the march that’s calling for us. We’ll walk down the aisle to an angel’s chorus. I’ll be your Rock if you’ll be my Doris. Sweet heavens above! Why is the waiter smiling at us? He knows what we’re thinking of! Oh, can the cheers- Cheers! Baby here’s to love!

You’ve got the lips to wet my whistle. If that doesn’t get ya, maybe this’ll. Cupid just launched a guided missile! Cheers here’s to love! You’re eyes are so intoxicating. Bottoms up babe let’s get to mating. I bet it bares reiterating. Cheers here’s to love!

Though it ‘aint New Years pop the champagne and let’s take a spin of the floor. You’re moves are good. I’m feeling no pain. So let’s pay the check and slip out the back door. We took the act with out the bitters. We’re staying put last call for quitters. Soon it will be just babysitters. Cause the talks now all done. Baby the cab is blowing it’s horn. But I can’t find my hat and my gloves. Oh can cheers, cheers, baby here’s to love!

Here’s mud in your eye. Here’s lookin’ at you kid. Here, this’ll put hairs on your chest – not that I’d want that. Here’s to love.

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