John 3:16

Today seemed full of strange coincidences. Jung used to call this synchronicity – like the popular 80’s tune by The Police. I decided to come up to Philly on a trial basis to see just how messed up this organization is. If it’s beyond repair, I told them I would give them some recommendations and be on my way.

Anyway, as I get into the heart of Philadelphia, ‘Philadelphia Freedom’ starts playing on my iPod … out of the 8,000 + songs. There were some other weird things, too, but none of these events seemed to contain any real meaning. These seemed more to make sure I was paying attention. Then, I check into my hotel room – room 316. Last night I was reading an old yearbook.

My freshman science teacher was a retired minister. He signed my yearbook, John 3:16. He was always trying to preach to me … in a good way. I was never turned off by his message. His intentions were too pure. So, here I am … hit over the head with 316’s. Obviously, synchronicity only works if you’re paying attention and making connections. Whether they are caused by something supernatural is another discussion. The key is that the connections are meaningful to us. It usually means that something deep inside of us is trying to communicate a thought or an idea. So, why would the one key passage to the New Testament be a message that something inside of me wanted heard?

3:16 is too literal to be taken as purely symbolic, though the passages before it are about being born again: dying to our past and being reborn. Nicodemus asks how it’s possible for an old man to be born again. Jesus’ response is that being reborn is dying to the flesh and being reborn to spirit … only then does 3:16 apply. I think that means that you have to be willing to die, yourself, before you can be reborn. I guess that makes sense. Those that stop short of really being willing to die, are never really saved. Of course, only God would know who the tricksters are. I guess baptism could be a sort of symbolic drowning. So, back to me… I’ll keep you posted. I’m not sure what it means. 😉

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  • Things of this world: resentment, the 7 deadly sins, etc. Once you realize that each of us belongs to God it casts a new light upon the world around us and the world before us. The ancient Celts went gladly into battle because of their belief in another world. Tragedy on this world becomes of a different proportion when eternal life is held in view. It is all about proportion and seeing things differently.

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