Looking Back On My Life

Looking back on my life, what am I most proud of?

There are moments in our lives when we make a very important decision that will impact the rest of our lives. The amazing thing is that these major decisions are usually disguised as something small. Deciding to attend a seminar, go to lunch with a parent or sibling, or just making a decision rather than not. When I look back over my life so far I see so many of those moments – and so many times I seem to have made a good decision.

I’m most proud of insisting on walking to school. I’m proud that I’ve been in love – I’m proud that someone has been in love with me. I’m proud that I have friends that respect me. I’m proud that I often stood alone rather than with everyone else. I’m proud that I played football and baseball. I’m proud that I applied even though I thought I would never get in. Proud that I’ve been accepted as many times as I’ve been rejected. I’m proud that I’m a godfather to amazing children. Life gives us so many opportunities to throw in the towel. Nature is not compassionate, nor easy. Just look at a salmon swimming upstream to spawn. It’s an amazing site. Most of all I’m proud that I never gave up on myself.

How about you. What are you most proud of?

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