Did You Know?

The journal Science recently released a list of 125 major questions facing science today. I encourage you to spend a few minutes reading this list. We get so used to hear certitude and truth from science and medicine that we often feel that they are just on the verge of having everything figured out. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I have put together a small list of “did you know” questions. Most of this stuff never reaches mass media:

  • Did you know that most of the brain is not made up of neurons but of largely unstudied glial cells?
  • Did you know that the emotional state of the mother during pregnancy has a profound impact on the brain development of the embryo?
  • Did you know that Darwin and the neo-Darwinians have dismissed the inheritance of acquired characteristics (Lamarckianism) but that it is now widely known and accepted that DNA changes based on our life experiences and our environment, called epigenetics.
  • Did you know your heart contains it’s own neurons and is able to make decisions without consulting the brain?
  • Did you know that DNA sole function is to create proteins and many scientists are now looking at the role of proteins and amino acids in heredity?
  • Did you know that physics is based on statistics and probability and not certainty?
  • Did you know that there is evidence that the brain is not the center of consciousness?
  • Did you know that science is now seriously considering that life on Earth may have originated elsewhere?
  • Did you know that animals can predict earthquakes?
  • Did you know that humans can easily predict the future milliseconds in advance?

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