Rupert Receives Perrott-Warrick Scholarship

Rupert SheldrakeThe Perrott-Warrick Fund is administered by Trinity College, Cambridge. Apart from the Koestler Chair at Edinburgh University, it is the largest source of financial support for psychical research and parapsychology in Britain.

In 1937, as a memorial to F.W.H.Myers, who had been a Fellow of Trinity College, Frank Duerdin Perrott made a bequest to the masters and Fellows of the college “absolutely for the purpose of psychical research”. He defined psychical research as:

“The investigation of mental or physical phenomena which seem prima facie to suggest (a) the existence of supernormal powers of cognition or action in human beings in their present life, or (b) the persistence of the human mind after bodily death”. In 1956 the fund was increased by a further bequest from Frederic Walmsley Warrick.

In its early years the fund supported a studentship, and among the beneficiaries were Whateley Carrington, S.G. Soal, and Trevor Hall. When the fund was increased, a series of lectures by C.D.Broad was organised, and subsequently the fund supported many students doing research for PhDs. These included Carl Sargent, Richard Broughton, Chris Roe and Adrian Parker, most of whom are still working in psychical research today. In recent years, fund management has considerably increased the amount of money available. In 1992 the selection was given to Darwin College and Nicholas Humphrey was appointed as a Senior Research Fellow. During his tenure he wrote the book “Soul Searching” but did no research into the paranormal. The next holder of the post was Richard Wiseman, a well-known skeptic, and until this year it was held by Deborah Delanoy, of University College, Northampton.

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