Never Before Seen: Interview with Carl Jung

Three hours of exclusive never released video with Dr. Carl Jung allows for a greater insight to Jung’s philosophies, definitions, and thoughts from the man himself.

From Penn State Public Broadcasting: “Great Minds of The 20th Century: Dr. Carl Jung, an interactive DVD-ROM, incorporates three hours of original interview sessions with the famed psychoanalyst at home in Zurich in 1957. Conducted by Dr. Richard Evans, Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Houston, the Jung dialog was previously available as part of Dr. Evans’s Notable Contributors to the Psychology of Personality series. Penn State Media Sales has combined the interviews with outtakes and other material never before released to the public.

Additional resources include video taped introductions produced by Dr. Evans, taped forty-five years after the original interview, and by Dr. Alan Elms of the University of California, Davis. Also included are web links and references for enhanced viewing on computers with Internet access. The DVD-ROM is designed to play on DVD Video players with limited interactivity and on computers for full interactivity.”

For more information: Penn State Public Broadcasting

5 comments On Never Before Seen: Interview with Carl Jung

  • I’ve been known from time to time to spend some crazy bucks for Jung’s previously unreleased material… but this feels like a rip off… 77 minutes of this is still available on VHS Jung On Film… how about sharing it with people at a reasonable cost?

  • I’d like to know when and where Jung was when he said,
    “I am not a Jungian.” That’s like Jesus Christ saying,
    “I’m not a Christian.” Anybody know?

    • He said “Thank God, I am Jung, not a Jungian.” in several instances, interviews and letters. What he meant, in my opinion is that most Jungian followers did not understand as much as they believed they did.

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