Halliburton To Get Katrina Cleanup Contract

HurricaneA few years ago after George W. Bush took office I received a check in the mail for about $250 as a part of a tax rebate program – most Americans did. Multiply $250 by a 100 million citizen and you see how much money was refunded. Our government was apparently fully prepared for any threats to security … or any natural disaster.

In 2001, just months after I received my rebate check came September 11. I guess we were fully prepared for that, right? At the time, officials said the 9/11 scenario was unthinkable and had never even been considered. However, it had been – but nothing had been done about it. Now, 4 years later Hurricane Katrina hit’s the U.S. Gulf Coast and officials say that this scenario was unthinkable and had never even been considered. Luckily, like in the 9/11 hearings, the world has found out the truth.

Imagine if instead of refunding billions of dollars or spending additional billions on things like invading sovereign nations – we actually prepared for disasters that happen in our own country. Thousands will die in New Orleans, not because of Hurricane Katrina, but because of poor planning.

I’d like to thank our current Congress and Presidential Administration for making the United States a better place to live. Not since the Civil War have so many non-military Americans died than during George Bush’s watch. Perhaps Bush will consider awarding the Gulf Coast cleanup contract to Halliburton.

This was the first real test the Department of Homeland Security has been put to since it’s inception. It failed. The military had to be called in today to actually begin the job that never even began. Anyone calling for a re-org? Add me to the list. Not only should Michael Brown go, but Chertoff should be closely behind.

Since our government is too busy right now handing out corporate welfare, please consider helping out at the Red Cross.

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