Pink Moon

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  1. You liked the Cabrio———-
    Your Beetle conv let you live again.
    The new EOS will let you love life again!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All Drivers Wanted Young And Old and Any where in between.

  2. i’ve heard so much about this commercial and i’d never seen it til last week. it aired sometime during my fresh/soph year of college and i never watched tv then so i didn’t get the opportunity to see it on tv. so glad to have come across this page.

  3. Matthew, this page has a direct link from Slate.

    Slate’s “Ad Report Card” wrote an article basically about how VW’s new ad agency, in an attempt to appeal to the 18-25 yr old male demographic, are creating ads that are obnoxious and borderline misogynist. “Pink Moon” and “Da Da Da” were brought up as counterexamples produced by the old agency.

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