Matthew’s Personality Traits

I recently took a personality test. Here is some of what it had to say about me and my communication style:

  • You respect those who win out against the odds and show persistence. You set high goals for yourself and others.
  • In social situations, you prefer variety, adventure and the unusual. You may lose interest if you feel a situation is becoming routine. As a result, you must be kept busy and involved with making things happen.
  • You have a natural enthusiasm for the activities you prefer. Because of your enthusiasm, you may forget that others have different wants and needs.
  • You love challenges and competition. Those who know you may consider you to be a high risk-taker.
  • Your primary social strategy is making things happen and happen now. Usually very active, you thrive on challenge. When the going gets tough, you get going.
  • You have a high interest in the new, the unusual and the adventurous. You may also be curious and have a wide range of interests, preferring an ever-changing environment.
  • You love challenges and competition. At the same time, you must realize and appreciate that others may not share your zest for challenges and competition.
  • You will take issue and not shy away from confrontation when others disagree with how you feel or think.
  • Not having a climate of challenges and competition may cause you to create such a climate. You perform best under pressure, and may assume that others want the same…your assumption is not always true.
  • Having a variety of results at stake brings out the best in you. Your great strength is in directing yourself and others toward specific activities results.
  • You have a natural competitive style. It is important for you to feed that competitive spirit, while also showing more patience with those who choose not to be so competitive.
  • You are active in the things you do and in your communication. Your rapid mental activity becomes apparent when, rather than listening to others, you will be thinking of what you might say next.
  • Your high ego traits coupled with impatience may have others read you as arrogant at times. This is only appreciated by others when they understand that you need quick results, challenges and competition.

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  • Interesting. It sounds as if we share some of the same traits. I do believe we change in life as does our personality related to the influence of our environment and perception of self. Coolio Julio.

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