72 Lines About 36 Women

Kathleen says, “I was disappointed that I didn’t make the list of 36. Then again, you were my first real kiss.”

Heather One was my first kiss, when she pulled me close I was lost in bliss.

Amy really wanted to get away. Her wish was answered on a tragic day.

Kelly played all boy sports. Now I’m sure she’s playing on women’s courts.

Stephanie passed me notes in class. She’d act all innocent when we went to Mass.

Tamara cheered for the maroon and gold. She had a crush on me, I was told.

Nicole was my first real beauty. I saw her recently, she’s still a cutie.

Cara liked riding horses in spring. I heard she married a rich guy – wow, ka-ching.

Penelope visited from out of state. That didn’t stop her from picking a mate.

Robin asked me into the women’s can. When the door opened again, I was a man.

Kerin would baby sit and give me a call. I would stop by and go for it all.

Tanya was nuts and could go all day long. Luckily I was young then and twice as strong.

Kirsten tried to be quiet but was always loud. Some nights she would even draw a crowd.

Stephanie Two helped me with my Latin. I was always trying to get her between the satin.

Sara was infamous for her two. When she left we didn’t know what to do.

Cabell hunted for Mr. Right. I tried, but it wasn’t me, nope, not quite.

Jennifer One lived next door. Things happened and we became much more.

Tonya said that it didn’t matter. Take it slow and make me matter.

Melinda was going to be super famous. We were reckless and wild, can you blame us?

Hallie performed for us to James Brown. She left to dance for money feeling pretty down.

April was going down in history. Where she is now is a total mystery.

Sally taught me that love rarely applies. Now I hear she’s flying the friendly skies.

Jennifer Two was as calm as a twister. She didn’t like it when I went after her sister.

Shelley liked handcuffs and honey. I dropped her quick, it wasn’t funny.

Heather Two played the tambourine. We used to jump on her trampoline.

Scarlet smiled and covered my eyes. What she did was quite a surprise.

Dawn went down on all the guys. She moved to another school to avoid the spies.

Jennifer Three liked kissing in the sand. She left me to follow Phish, the band.

Heather Three had a ring that spun. What we did could not be undone.

Kim would spend the night in my dorm. Only making it to third base was the norm.

Ashley was especially small. Before cell phones she was always on call.

Megan’s spirit was an inspiration. Soon enough she’ll lead our nation.

Katherine was fully Portuguese. She was always up for spaghetti or wine and cheese.

Mani was a beautiful stranger. Dates with her were full of danger.

Cassandra poured drinks at the bar. In South Beach she was quite the star.

Erin, here’s a kiss. You’re the one that I will miss.

Brooke was a solipsist. I chose you to end this list.

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