Outer Space and Inner Peace

I went to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum this weekend in Washington, D.C. Since I’ve been there about 90 times, you would think that I would get tired of going, but I never seem to. Some of the technology there has been used to destroy, though much of it was done for the good of humanity and pure scientific curiosity. There is no national strategic interest in exploring Saturn or Venus. Nevertheless, we have. The Air and Space museum reminds me of the amazing things we have done in just the past 100 years and inspires me to wonder what will come next.

I always make a trip to the Lincoln Memorial when I’m in Washington. It’s like a pilgrimage. For me, it’s not so much just about Lincoln as it is about the larger issue of civil rights. Watching old video of the March on Washington where Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered “I Have a Dream” is one of those rare moments in American history when truth triumphed over ignorance. Standing on the steps where MLK once stood, looking out over the landscape, seeing the Vietnam, Korean, and WWII memorials, the Washington Monument and in the distance, the U.S. Capitol really is an amazing site. And to see that people from around the world are still coming to visit offers hope that the perhaps the American dream is alive.

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  • I flew in from Liverpool England, 1st time in D.C. Last week in May and boy was it hot. The family spent 8 days in Washington rambling around the whole area, museums are 1st class. All the mueums are stunning, special note to the Gem collection in the Natural History and all the interactive parts of the Space museum for my 9 year old.


    p.s Just looked at the recent picture of R.Sheldrake and Mathew… is it me or is Mr Sheldrake morphing into Anthony Head (Giles/Buffy) ? 🙂

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