Paranormal Phenomena by Simon Thorpe

This is a really interesting presentation originally made on the 15th of January 2013 to a group called “Incognu” which is an association of people interested in Cognition in Toulouse, France. Simon Thorpe is Directeur de Recherche at Centre de Recherche Cerveau & Cognition.

Thorpe’s basic position can be summarized as follows:

  • Can paranormal phenomena be studied scientifically? YES!
  • Is it important to study such phenomena? YES!
  • Is there convincing evidence? YES!! (for some phenomena)
  • Does it make sense? YES – It can help explain the evolution of consciousness
  • Are there possible explanations? Yes, possibly (Quantum Physics, entanglement….)

Thorpe says, “In my case, I tended to ignore work on paranormal phenomena. However, since reading the work of Dean Radin and Rupert Sheldrake, I feel that it is no longer possible to pretend that such phenomena are illusory. And if they are real, the implications for our understanding of the universe that we live in will be revolutionized.”


Here is a link to the paper referenced, Predictive physiological anticipation preceding seemingly unpredictable stimuli: a meta-analysis.

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