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It’s hard to capture the reality of India the beauty, the animals, the poverty, and the smiling kids if you are a really crappy photographer like me. So, I’ve put together a slide show from my trip to Delhi plus pictures from other parts of India that I want to visit next time. At the beginning of Mahabharata, Vyasa says, “once you have finished reading this poem, at the end you will be someone else.” India is the same way, India does not change for you. India changes you.

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  • That looks exceptionally delicious.

  • Matt, these photos are wonderful! I’m so glad you were able to go and for sharing these images with us, letting us get a glimpse of what ordinary life is like in India. Seems like the more I see and learn of other cultures–we are all just people, living life as full as we can. Thanks.

  • Hello , You have some lovely pictures of my country and am so glad you liked it :). I haven’t visited most of these places, I really hope to find time and visit them soon!

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