Podcast: The Sense of Being Stared At

Duncan Campbell’s podcast, Living Dialogues, features an interview with Rupert Sheldrake from June 2007. Here is a summary from the website: “As Rupert and I discuss in the this fascinating dialogue, his morphic field theory goes beyond the range of other invisible fields accepted by modern science, such as the field of gravity and electro-magnetic fields, and in my view provides a very useful explanatory framework for quantum phenomena (such as non-locality) observed in our macro everyday world.”

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  • The question of authenticity of animal kingdom’s keeness to telepathy has been recognized from the bumble bee, to the horses in the barn who all pick up the math taught to one, in a separate stall. The study of amazing coincidences of animals and their greater sensability to humans, including survival to domestication is endless.
    I have watched the definition of “morphic field” for over two years now, as it comes to my mailbox each time the phrase has been published. It is an honor to get to read the interview from the Man who has been given the credit of coining the phrase.
    But now, I ask to dig a bit deeper. as a pigeon in science has deducted that the polar magnets guide them, and the amazing talents of clarovoyants from Sonya Fitzpatrick and talking to animals To Sylvia Brown, with the line up of amazed callers,,all being readings who these two woman had no bond with callers from hours of jammed phone lines.

    I challenge Mr. Sheldrake to return to the microphone on your ipod and elaborate on the “telephone” line that connects to the Seventh Dimension which I feel is the Morphic Field. The question is, what is the Dial Tone window of why some can hear, and other’s cannot in the human level, explicit details of knowledge, that goes unexplained how these readers could know.
    And the question is, when the darkness our vessel creates to allow our light to shine in this world goes out in what we call death happens, is it that the morphic field continues even though the electric field of our bodies has gone out? Do we enter our light into the light that makes the shine blend in, so the connection is still individualized? Or does memory and recognition cease into a field of unindividualized experience?
    Is the crossover into the light actually the Morphic Field? Or is it a dimension which retains a vision of form, in a place of memory from the existence of physical form in the three dimensional world?

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