Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

How completely adrift are we as a country that we demand to watch movies and TV shows about a war that isn’t even complete? It’s only been 5 years! People are still dying all over the world because of religious wackos and American foreign policy. In the well insulated United States we are making movies about it all. As if the reality of the news just isn’t enough to satisfy our appetite for destruction and death. We are a nation of NASCAR fans just waiting for the next fatal car crash so that we can wave the American flag, put more magnets on our cars, and pray for the dead.

When I heard that more people voted for their favorite American Idol than in the last presidential election I was in shock (should I have been?). We are at war for an imaginary cause, chasing people we can’t find, and watching people die all around the world all the while debating whether or not two guys should be allowed to get married. America has its priorities straight!

If this trend remains the same and we continue to spiral to the logical conclusion, one day we will wake up and realize that all our nation is an insulated, white, racist, Christian nation. America will be consigned to the fate of the cleric ruled, Muslim countries – who once dominated the world. Stuck in an opium den of a different sort, the bright retina burning images of more violence, more consumerism, and more TV channels will consign America to an ambivalent fate. We’ve destroyed our post WWII reputation as a benevolent nation. We are truly hated now. The next time we are attacked will anyone in the world even really care? I saw a bumper sticker last week that summed it up very well: “I’m pro-life, let’s nuke those bastards!”

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  • I sort of watched The Interpreter this weekend. The main character Silvia talks of the Drowning Man Ritual. In the end she goes through this ritual of deciding whether Zuwanie should live or die for the wrong he committed. She forces him to read a quote from his book…”The gunfire around us makes it hard to hear. But the human voice is different from other sounds. It can be heard over noises that bury everything else. Even when it’s not shouting. Even when it’s just a whisper. Even the lowest whisper can be heard over armies… when it’s telling the truth.” In the end, she spares his life and accepts that life isn’t always just.

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