Pretend to Grasp Complex Concepts

I know the feeling: you’re standing around with your colleagues from work when they start talking about the latest developments in quantum physics and you’re left with nothing to say. I usually just quietly walk away and try not to draw too much attention to my inability to grasp complex concepts. Enter the new Seed Magazine Cribsheets. In a single page they will advance your understanding of science leaps and bounds beyond your co-workers. Check it out and the next time someone at work asks you where you stand on the quantum gravity / superstring M Theory debate you can give an answer with confidence:

Change Is Loss

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  • I absolutely promise you that NOBODY has ever engaged me in conversation at the water cooler about string theory (unless it was whether cheese got stringy when heated and then recooled. (In fact, having mostly worked in and around government agencies, I never had a water cooler – an unjustifiable expense for employees at less than the rank of supervisor.)

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