Sheldrake Link Roundup

What Science Can’t Tell Us
2009 looks set to be an exciting year for science: 12th February sees the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin and we’ve already had the Richard Dawkins-endorsed Atheist Bus Campaign, with its catchy slogan ‘There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life’.

Who Is James Le Fanu? Part IV: Taking Away the “Comfort Blanket” of Darwinism
We have a 2 year old, Saul, who is very attached to his comfort jacket. It’s like a security blanket for him, blue and quilted and thoroughly stained. He doesn’t wear it, since it is too small for him by now anyway. He holds it and sleeps with it, and if you try to take it away from him when he’s in bed — say, to put it in the laundry — watch out. He will be extremely ticked off, crying, fussing.

“Spooky” quantum physics and healing
The Wall Street Journal has a piece by Gautum Naik about the practical uses to which the bizarre insights of quantum physics are being put.

The muse and the third man
IN THE LATE seventh century BC, the Greek poet Hesiod was tending his flock of sheep on the slopes of Helicon, a mountain in central Greece when the Muses came upon him.

Morphic Resonance: Can you make an animal wake just by looking at it?
Ever wonder how your dog always knows when you’re coming home? My dog doesn’t seem to know a think about me coming home. I’ve found him lounging on my couch (very naughty) even when he knows he’s not supposed to.

Probably, they’re all wrong
When some people want to settle a dispute, they reach for a lawyer. Others look for the nearest car-park and slug it out. Two distinguished scientists have just decided to sort out their differences in the classic style of a couple of barflies: by making a wager.

Bawl of the wild
With their arms around each other’s shoulders, a group of normally lively chimpanzees look on in silence as their friend’s lifeless body is wheeled away.

Something Unknown
“Something Unknown” takes viewers behind the lens of Scheltema’s 10,000-mile journey to interview scientists, witness real lab experiments, and observe multi-cultural settings of spiritual healings. Along the way, she asks scientists to share their research and answer in plain talk the questions that haunt believers and skeptics alike.

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Reveals Difficulties Collaborating With Skeptics
Join host Alex Tsakiris when he interviews Dr. Rupert Sheldrake for 30-minute discussion of parapsychology, anomalistic psychology, and why skeptics and scientists seem to always be at odds over the results of their experiments. During the interview Dr. Sheldrake explains why anomalistic psychology is an inadequate explanation of telepathy and other psi phenomena.

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