Sheldrake on Homing Pigeons

From the 1997 program Seven Experiments That Could Change World. From the cover, “Do you and your pet have a psychic link? Why is it that you can often “feel” someone staring at you? These are just some of the simple questions posed by unconventional scientist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. The answers could very well change how you view the world.”

(c) Wellspring Video and Rupert Sheldrake, 1996.

4 comments On Sheldrake on Homing Pigeons

  • Dr. Sheldrake won me from this one.
    I laughed a lot and makes me think.

    You have all my animic support to move one on this.

    Thanks for thinking different.

  • He changed 15 years ago my perspective on what life means be there in, thanks Mr. Shaldrake.

  • I think maybe we connect on a different level, whether it is mental or spiritual or soulish or emotional, so we can home in through that medium. On Sheldrake’s last point he tells in one of his books of a dog whose master went to fight in France in the First World War, and who crossed the channel in a boat and went straight to his regiment. Hallelujah!

  • It’s quite simple – the pigeons created GPS in WW!… 🙂 Seriously, your work is wonderful and the amount of research and effort you attend to before postulating another possibility should convince even the staunchest of critics that your inquiry is not some frivolous attempt but a true scientific approach to understand what’s going on.

    My joke of the GPS is more in keeping with the possible in that perhaps there exists the yet undiscovered universal awareness of the position of all things. Why, for instance are the cells that make up the skin in a particular order and place which provides for the protection of the body from outside environments, yet remains pliable, strong and resistant to all but the strongest acids? In keeping with your remarks regarding the possibility of another “source” or “scheme” yet to be uncovered it makes perfect sense that science has blinded itself in many ways by self-imposed blinders.

    As Richard Feymann said, “If we want to solve a problem that we have never solved before, we must leave the door to the unknown ajar!”

    It confounds me that you continue to run into skeptics even within the “scientific community” when, I, just a plain ol’ person have no difficulty to grasp what you are attempting to do.

    One last remark more to the point of the homing pigeons. It brings back the true story made into a movie by Disney “The Incredible Journey” of a dog and a cat who were able to find their owners 1000’s of miles away. No explanation, no scent line (the flew), no sight line … viz no explanation … but it was done.

    I will continue to follow you work and wish to express my sincerest thanks for your fortitude, courage and open mindedness. A true gift and a pleasure to see.

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