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It’s interesting that the deeper I dive into ancient Hinduism, the closer I come to the same view that Sheldrake expresses in his first book, A New Science of Life. Most people don’t know this, but Rupert has a copy of the original manuscript he submitted for publication. It was reject as far to mystical and far reaching in its scope. A revised, toned down version was eventual sent to press. That’s the version I want to read. He wrote the book while living in an ashram in Hyderabad, India where perspective on the universe is a little different that in downtown London. He’s promised to dig up this version for me someday when he finds it.

Even though Rupert and I are friends, I’m always surprised to see how innovative and novel his thinking is. He thinks about the world in a way that is very different than the rest of us. We very much still live in a world that is dominated by the human mind as the measure of all things. Sheldrake sees the human mind not as having a monopoly on consciousness but merely sharing in it.

Here again I find myself dusting off my old copies of the books I’ve read several times over. Even though I consider Presence of the Past his best book, I’m amazed at how little attention The Rebirth of Nature has received over the years. If you pick up one book by Rupert, I recommend this one. It lays out the history of Western thinking and the current split between religion and science. It covers the sort of issues I wish more scientists was interested in.

I found some old articles written by Rupert that I thought may be interesting…

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