Change Is Loss

Even after reading all of the greatest hits in the change management literature, I somehow missed the punchline: people experience change as loss. There is already a model for understanding

What Are Family Values?

A few years ago, I remember seeing a sign during the election season with the campaign slogan, “I’m for the Family”. I thought it was funny because I had never

Placebos and Mind-Body Relationships

Rupert has just returned back home from Hollyhock in British Columbia in Canada. The popular retreat hosted the most recent trialogue with Rupert Sheldrake, Andrew Weil and Ralph Abraham on

Parapsychology and The Skeptics

Sheldrake has written the Forward for a new book, Parapsychology and The Skeptics, by Chris Carter (not the X-Files Chris Carter), on the history of dogmatic skepticism and parapsychology. The

CMS Review: Bricolage

Moving a great story from concept to content requires inspiration, a little creativity, a lot of proofreading, and publication – or as they say in the newsroom, “Copy!” A good

Interesting Internet

The Philosophical Foundations of Jyotish Universe mostly forgets its past during cosmic rebirth Winding Through “Big Dreams” Are the Threads of Our Lives What Do Magnets, Flatworms, And Willow Trees

Very Interesting Internet

The Greatest and Most Unusual Travel Photo of All Time? – Everything about the image is just so amazing: The poof-y shapes of the clouds in the background… 100-foot deep

More Die From Suicide

From PsycPORT, “More people kill themselves each year, than the numbers who die from wars and murders combined, but most of these suicides can be prevented, Swiss Radio International reported

Predicting Alcoholism

People who become alcoholics later in life usually do not have a close emotional connection with their parents, especially their mothers. They tend to be people who consider themselves very

Freud: So wrong and yet so right

USA Today: “As the 150th anniversary of Sigmund Freud’s birth approaches on Saturday, mental-health experts consider his legacy mixed: A seminal thinker, Freud was far ahead of his time with

The Worst President in History?

There is a great article in this month’s Rolling Stone by the respected Princeton University historian, Sean Wilentz. He looks at the Bush administration from several angles. I’m most concerned

Religious Attendance Extends Life

Weekly religious attendance nearly as effective as statins and exercise in extending life, study finds. In a study comparing the associations between faith and health, a University of Pittsburgh Medical

The Peace Corps

Well, I applied to the Peace Corps. I’ve had a great career in business so far however, other than giving money to local charities and occasionally volunteering, I don’t feel

Sarcasm and Power Outages

Researchers today announced that they’ve identified the area of the brain responsible for sarcasm. In a related story, Congress is applauded for it’s funding of very important scientific research. Ha!

Christian Children’s Fund

For Christmas, I sponsored a child for my Nana. It’s not much money to sponsor a kid and the money is leveraged in ways that would be impossible here in

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