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Jungian Therapy with Children and Adolescents

Materia Prima (http://www.materia-prima.net) is the website of the International Workshop of Analytical Psychology for Childhood and Adolescence, which was created by Jungian analysts from Europe and North and South America. Supported and financed by the IAAP, this website offers theoretical and clinical articles about Jungian therapeutic issues with children and adolescents, book reviews, announcements about ...

The Mysteries of Money

Listen to Montreal analyst Jan Bauer explore the meaning and psychology of money in this lecture recorded Oct. 21, 2005 at The Jung Center of Houston. Original post by C.G. Jung Page

The Objective Consciousness Revisited

In a significant revision of his earlier article The Objective Consciousness, Robert Heyward explores the fundamental foundations of consciousness and the primal duality of subject and object. Original post by C.G. Jung Page

News from the Philemon Foundation

Learn about the most recent efforts to bring Jung’s vast unpublished works to print, as the Philemon Foundation offers this first in an occasional series of updates on its vital work. Original post by C.G. Jung Page

The Ghost at the Back Door

Dolores Brien reviews Sophia Heller’s new work The Absence of Myth, in which the author aims to deconstruct theories that consider myth to be essential to our psychic and spiritual well-being. Original post by C.G. Jung Page