The 10 Dogmas of Science

The science delusion is the nature of reality in principle, leaving only the details to be filled in. This is a persistent delusion within science. Many times in the history of science people have thought that our understanding of nature is almost complete.

Today, there are many people who think that science already understands the nature of minds, the nature of evolution, the nature of reality. But what I show in this book is that conventional science is based on a series of dogmas. There are ten dogmas that underlie science. These dogmas are not normally questioned. What I do in the book is to treat the dogmas scientifically but questioning them – turning them into questions, in fact, and showing that many of them, in fact, all of them, have been superseded by the advances of science itself.

When we feel free to go beyond these dogmas, to question them, science opens up in completely new ways. All sorts of new questions become possible. All sorts of new research becomes possible. I think this will help to liberate science from the restrictions that hold it back at the moment. That’s why in England, the subtitle of the book is Freeing the Spirit of Inquiry and in America the title of whole book is Science Set Free.

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