The Evolution of Telepathy

Field observations have suggested that wolves and other wild animals may communicate telepathically over many miles, and surveys have shown that about 50% of dog owners and about 30% of cat owners believe that their pets may respond to their thoughts or silent commands. Among humans, apparent telepathy is most commonly reported between members of families and between close friends and colleagues. Experimental investigations of telepathy in animals and people suggest that telepathy may be a natural means of communication between members of animal and human groups. Human telepathy is still evolving in the context of modern technologies, including the internet, emails, SMS messages and telephones. Dr. Sheldrake will show how anyone can explore their own abilities in automated telepathy tests using mobile phones.

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  • Please help! I have unwillingly been communicating
    by telepathy. One or more people have used some type of technolgy I think, eather via cell phone or internet to communicate with me for about the last three or four month now. Using only thoughts we are able to talk to each other. They clame to be some one that knows me from a city where i used to live. I know this sounds weird but it is true. We have full conversations, and some time i can hear thier voice. Im not sure if i do honestly know who is acctually doing this but they do use peoples names and somtimes voices that i do reconigze. It really an unpleasent experience. Although it is very interesting and i wounder how it is done i dont know anything about it. Who ever is doing this is in control because they can turn it on and off. They know every detail of what i am thinking but i can only understand what they want me to. Do you know anythng about this technology. If so please respond. Thanks. Eric

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