The Love We Give

I gave all I had and it wasn’t enough. All I wanted would be considered small stuff. She smashed my heart, yes it’s true. But now I don’t seem quite as blue. What has happened, where am I? I could have swore, I thought I’d die. But yesterday is over, today is new. The future looks bright, lots to do.
Simple, sweet kisses are all I wanted. I continue my quest, quite undaunted. A few months are gone, they’ll never come back. I have some time now to mentally unpack. Give me some time and perhaps I might, find a sweet kiss for next Christmas night. For now, I will avoid another heart break, because the love we give is equal to the love we make.

2 comments On The Love We Give

  • The Fearsome Randall

    Bummer dude. Sorry to hear all that. I guess you picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue…striker! Striker! STRIKER!!

  • Careless thoughts of a touched mind…the winter wind cannot touch your soul and even you have trouble remembering a time when the sun filled your world, lifting your face out of the gutters, scrounging for hope, it awaits your return, bless the wretch, and everything will right through vertigo, but topsy-turvy does have its charms

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