The Need for Heretics

The radical, brilliant theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson has just written a interesting essay on the the need for heretics in science. Since Rupert Sheldrake has been battling this kind of stereotype for his entire career, it’s interesting to see that being a maverick is somehow coming back in fashion. Almost daily I’m reading about “new” theories and ideas about 1) how the laws of physics are not fixed and immutable, 2) biological inheritance and morphology may not be determined by genes, 3) our perceptions may not be limited to three dimensions, etc.

Bit by bit, modern science is catching up to where Sheldrake was in the early 1980’s. It’s remarkable to me that more credit is not attributed to Rupert as one of the key founders of this recent movement within science. Nevertheless, things are changing within science and that … is a very good a thing. Check out Dyson’s essay at the Edge, here.

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