The Worst President in History?

There is a great article in this month’s Rolling Stone by the respected Princeton University historian, Sean Wilentz. He looks at the Bush administration from several angles. I’m most concerned about the current rage of uncritcal thinking and outdated views on science and Wilentz. From the article:

“While forcing federally funded agencies to remove from their Web sites scientific information about reproductive health and the effectiveness of condoms in combating HIV/AIDS, and while peremptorily overruling staff scientists at the Food and Drug Administration on making emergency contraception available over the counter, Bush officials have censored and suppressed research findings they don’t like by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of Agriculture.”


4 comments On The Worst President in History?

  • written by a liberal no doubt,,,,,,, this artical is hardly a fair assessment of bushes presidency…

  • Jennifer, tisk tisk… I respect the conservative perspective, although it is not my own. Without it, I would lack the ability to feel strongly about my beliefs. Also, it would help if you didn’t refer to shrubbery while posing an arguement of what is fair regarding your President. 🙂 Maybe, when you read this it just helps reinforce your own perspective. However, I have one question for you. How many words can Bush speak before having to look at the teleprompter? Liberal or conservative there is no doubt that he rode daddy’s coat tails into office.

  • Just crown him king.

  • Jennifer, still feeling the same way?

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