VGN-FZ260E XP Drivers

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When I posted some XP drivers for the Sony VGN-N320E, I received quite a few comments and email. It seems that many people hate Windows Vista and are anxious to downgrade to XP. And, because of Sony’s exceedingly awful customer support, we have had to do this on our own. Is anyone from Sony reading this? Anyway, without further delay, here are the XP drivers for the VGN-FZ260E:


  1. Amazing resource, thanks!

    Have you had any luck tracking down the Alps Pointing Device driver? I’ve been desperately seeking it, but so far have come up empty handed (this tap to click is killing me).

  2. I actually used an Alps Pointing Device driver I got from a Dell site, and it’s working well now. The files look the same, so I’m guessing yours will work just fine. If not, I have a copy that works.

  3. great work! just one problem: how did you solve the power management? my vaio (vgn-nr260d) is always with brightness on maximum and Fn+F5/F6 does not work. I tried to find sony power management software – no succes!
    Maybe you can help me with an idea. Thanks again.

  4. Hey,

    I really appreciate your efforts. They helped me a lot. A few drivers didn’t take on my machine, but that could be many things. You saved many of us a lot of time and frustration. Know that that is appreciated.


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