What Are Family Values?

A few years ago, I remember seeing a sign during the election season with the campaign slogan, “I’m for the Family”. I thought it was funny because I had never met anyone that was against the family? What do these strange appeals for “family values” mean? The seem vacuous to me. Wouldn’t family values include excellent, free education and healthcare for children – not just for the rich kids. Wouldn’t family values mean valuing families? Yesterday I was asked to sign a petition to tell Congress that they should make insurance for children mandatory. A petition. How insane is it that a petition is required to convince the morons on Capitol Hill that insurance for children is a good idea?

Ironically, the same “No Child Left Behind”, “Family Values” President is threatening to veto the bill even before it is passed. Why would someone that is for the family veto universal health insurance for children? That’s a good question. I guess the answer is complicated. But I thought you were either for something or against it. So, is the Congress and President Bush for children or against them? Well, the answer seems pretty simple to me and I’ve come to understand that campaign slogan from a few years ago. “For the family” actually means, “My vote will go to the highest bidder”.

If you do nothing else today, take a few seconds to sign this petition … if you actually are “for the family”.

Dear Member of Congress,

We need to fix our broken healthcare system and ensure quality, affordable healthcare for every man, woman and child in America. Let’s start with our children. There are 9 million uninsured children in America. They have no access to regular checkups, their parents struggle to afford doctors’ visits when they are sick, and they often go without care. urge you to support full funding for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), to provide coverage to millions of uninsured children and bring America closer to quality, affordable healthcare for all.

Sign the petition…

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  • Matt, to me family values have nothing to do with money or entitlements. Family values are what parents try to instill in their growing children so that when the children are grown, they will be people with faith, integrity, compassion, loyalty, honesty, good work ethics, a generous spirit and above all with a loving, giving heart. All the things that embodied your maternal grandfather. While I strongly believe all children should be covered with excellent health care, they probably already are. As far as I could find, most states already have a system in place that covers pregnant mothers, and their children until the child is 18 years of age. (And the federal government probably contributes to this already.) I feel this is a much better way of taking care of the little ones. It keeps “big brother” in Washington out of it. The more entitlements we have, the more control Washington will have over our families. I don’t believe that’s what the founding fathers had in mind. And it’s certainly not what I want for myself and my family.

  • The Senate approved this bill today. Of course, Bush will veto it. I understand your argument against big government but it’s a bit late. We now have the largest government in the history of the world and this cost is really a very small drop in the bucket.

    I figure that healthcare is an essential service that should be free to anyone – just like education. How would you feel about moving child education from government into the hands of private corporations?

    I doubt Jefferson and Adams would be excited about much of the government they left behind. Government is no longer the worry, big brother is giant multinational corporations.

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