I’m an Informed Consumer?

I was tempted to write about the amazing amount of corruption that is being uncovered on a daily basis about our President but then I went to my mailbox and had a letter addressed to “Informed Consumer.” Hey, that was me they were talking about. Within a few months I have been promoted from “Current Resident” to “Informed Consumer.” Well, since they put it that way, I guess I’ll have to open the mail that I would have otherwise thrown into the garbage. I took the bait.

Inside I found the same old crap that had always been sent to “Current Resident.” All they had done was change the addressee on the mailing label. Those clever geniuses. I was hoping to open my mail and find myself showered with praise about just how much of an “informed consumer” I was. But now the gig is up. I know the trick. They just changed the name on the label. Those clever bastards.

Since I was smart enough to thwart their clandestine attempt to trick me, I wondered to myself, “What will they think of next?” I guess this new marketing strategy only has so much mileage in it. How soon will it be before I open my mailbox full of paper spam and discover that all of my mail is addressed to “Omniscient Being”? By then, I will have known all their dirty tricks and that they didn’t actually think I was an “omniscient being” but rather a complete retard that will open anything if it appeals to my deflated ego enough.

In a big meeting room somewhere in New York there is a room full of less-than-competent marketers slapping each other on the back and giggling to themselves with mad enthusiasm that they have pulled one over on the all-too-gullible, American consumer. Sadly, they would be right. Marketing to the lowest common denominator is the best way to capture the majority. It’s been an effective strategy for Tele-Evangelists – why not advertising? In the end, their goals are the same: selling crap to mindless morons who will attempt to purchase righteousness and moral authority from the first available charlatan that comes along.

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  • take it easy on us Republicans!!!!

    we all get so much garbage in the mail, we could have planted several forest in California with all the paper that is wasted,they could use the trees with all fires they have been having

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