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I’ve been given great advice from several friends that know India very well. Most question my sanity of even wanting to go. One friend said, “Why not a nice vacation in Australia instead?” I’m still waiting on my visa stamp before leaving and may have to make a last minute change to my itinerary if it does not arrive in time for my flight. I need to get a malaria shot and also some other preventative medication for my trip. There is a whole universe of parasites, bacteria, and viruses that my immune system has never encountered that it’s going to be a blitzkrieg on the system. I could spend the whole time with a fever and sick in bed but I really hope not. I wonder if they sell Purell in Delhi?

Anyway, here is my itinerary so far. From the friends I’ve talked to, I will be lucky to make it to even half of these destination but I’ll give it a shot. My main destination will be Varanasi – if I can get there. I may have to take a bus or fly since the trains fill up early and I have no idea when I will be leaving right now. I don’t think I will take my laptop but I will have my iPhone so I can tweet. I’m also thinking of buying a video camera if I can find a decent HD.

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  • Matt,

    This is so cool that you are going. I have been there several times and lived in Mumbai for four months. You will need malaria pills, but you can also get them there. Also, if you get a nasty gastrointestinal infection, Cipro antibiotic can be had over the counter easily and kills most things. You will love it! Rajasthan is amazing and so are the areas around Delhi. You are right that it doesn’t get much different from the U.S. than India – which is a really amazing thing to experience. As far as South Asia goes, I have also been to Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh and all are fascinating places to travel to. Have a wonderful adventure!

  • Wow, what an opportunity you’ve had to see the world. I was hoping to get to Nepal but I don’t think I will be able to on this trip. I am definitely packing antibiotics. An India friend (an M.D.) has given me the harsh reality talk about how careful I need to be. I’ll probably get sick but hopefully, it will not last long. I have a few friends from Mumbai but I’m not sure I’m ready for the largest city in the world quite yet. Maybe next time 😉

    Thanks for the good wishes, Kim. I will post again when I get back.

  • Angels all around you! I absolutely can’t wait for you to get back, and to hear about your adventures! Love, Amy

  • I hope you are having a great time Matt and I am looking forward to the pictures and stories when you get back.

  • Please take lots of pictures – especially of the food!
    Enjoy the journey….every story, every color, every texture and every taste. Those will be the real destinations many years from now.

  • wow I love Mumbai

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